Commemoration Programme on Late Professor Helal Uddin Khan Shamsul Arefin held at IUB

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS) of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) organized a Commemoration Programme in honor of the recently deceased prolific anthropologist Prof Dr Helal Uddin Khan Shamsul Arefin on Monday, January 9, 2017. Dr. Arefin passed away on December 25, 216 at the age of 68. Prof M Omar Rahman, Vice Chancellor, IUB; Prof Dr Mahbub Alam, Dean, SLASS; Towhid Bin Muzaffar, Head, Department of English & Department of Modern Languages; Imtiaz A Hussain, Head, Global Studies and Governance Programme; Zakir Hossain Raju, Professor, Department of Media & Communication; Dr. Manzurul Mannan, Associate Professor, Anthropology among others, spoke on the occasion. Reflecting on the life and works of Prof Arefin, the speakers said that his sudden departure will create a vacuum in the research of Anthropology in Bangladesh.
In his speech, Prof Rahman, VC of IUB, specifically remembered Dr Arefin’s integrity and valued contribution to IUB. He also recognized his special contribution in research and theory of Anthropology in Bangladesh. “Dr Arefin was an embodiment of true human being. An amiable and down-to-earth person like him is rarely found”, he expressed. The Dean of SLASS recalled Dr Arefin’s contributions to practice and education of Anthropology in the country and gratefully remembered his punctuality, originality, and sincerity.
Prof Arefin’s students said how friendly and supportive he was in class and out of class. He was never late in class. His permanent smile made everything easy for the students. His optimistic outlook encouraged them to dream big.
Attending the memorial meeting, Prof Arefin’s elder sister Nilufar Begum and son Anan Ashik Arefin thanked IUB for arranging such a program for his father.
Prof Milan Pagon, Pro-Vice Chancellor of IUB, faculty members from different schools and departments, senior officials and students were also present at the program.

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