IUB celebrated Chaitra Sangkranti 1423

To say goodbye to 1423 and welcoming the Bangla new year 1424, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) celebrated “Chaitra Sangkranti 1423” through cultural events at its own campus in Bashudhara, Dhaka. The School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS), IUB arranged the program that includes typical Bangla food kiosks, folk music and folk dance.
While inaugurating “Chaitra Sangkranti 1423”, Prof. M. Omar Rahman, Vice Chancellor, IUB requested all concerned to organize such events regularly so the students can be familiar with essential and rich Bangla and its traditions that will make their horizon much bigger. In his remarks, Dr. Mahbub Alam, Dean, SLASS briefed about the cultural history of celebrating “Chaitra Sangkranti”.
As part of the event, Gazir Gaan was performed by the team of Islamuddin Sarkar who came from Netrokona. Arif Baul and his team from Faridpur charmed the audience with Lalon Geeti. Santali dance was staged by a Santali group of Dinajpur. The cultural program ended with the songs performed by famous musician Kofil Ahmed. A large number of people enjoyed very colorful “Chaitra Sangkranti” celebration at IUB. They also have had various Bangla food and pitha delivered from kiosks.
Deans and Heads of different Schools and Departments, senior members of the faculty and management and IUB students enjoyed various activities of “Chaitra Sangkranti 1423”.

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