Year Events
2021 Global Day 2021
2021 Workshop on “Academic Literacy & Writing”
2021 50th Years of Independence Quiz Competition
2021 Conference on Rohingya “City on the Hill” Aims & Claims, Life & Land
2020 GSG Celebrating Bangabandu’s 100th Birth Centennial
2020 GSG Webinar on U.S. Presidential Election 2020
2020 Global Day Seminar on COVID Unraveled
2019 Seminar on The New Megacity: For Whom?: Dhaka’s Challenges
2019 Study tour, RAB HQ by GSG students
2019 GSG book launching
2019 Greta Green Global Day
2019 Conference on Quadrangulated Quandary
2018 GSG Global Day
2018 GSG book launching baptism
2018 Conference on Accountability in Bangladesh: Issues & Debates
2017 International Conference: China, India, & the United States in Bangladesh: Cultivating Competitive Cooperation