IUB Korean Club members at the 30th International Youth Forum in South Korea

This week two IUB students namely Nushin Zinnia and Faizaa Fariya Hridi are taking part at the 30th International Youth Forum in Seoul, South Korea that will end on the 23rd of July 2019. They are there to represent IUB as well as Bangladesh.
Both Nushin and Faiza attended the course ‘KRN 112: Korean Cinema and Society’ taught by Professor Zakir Hossain Raju. Prof. Raju established this unique course (only such course in South Asia) in 2015 and later he also founded IUB K-club in 2016 with the graduates of this course to explore the Korean culture in Bangladesh. Since then the Korean embassy in Dhaka came forward to support IUB and the K-club in various ways. So far Seven IUB students got the opportunity of visiting South Korea for different programs who have been recommended by Prof. Raju and sponsored by the Korean government for their trip.
Nushin Zinnia is an English Language Teaching major who is highly enthusiastic about Korean Culture and Society. She is particularly interested in exploring new ideas and has a remarkable talent for debating. Faizaa Fariya Hridi is a double major student of Environmental Science and Management and is very active in club activities, especially as the secretary of the IUB K-Club. She is also an enthusiastic writer and a freelancer.
The theme of this year’s youth forum is “Inclusion and Inclusiveness: Shared Vision of Youth for Local, National, and Global Village”for embracing disabled and minority groups. The students will get to share their ideas on the theme and its 3 main topics: School Education and Youth Activities for Inclusion and Inclusiveness;Roles and Assignments of the Media for Inclusion and Inclusiveness, and Exploring of the Inclusion Environment Designs. The program will be hosted by The National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea (NCYOK) and co-organized by the Korean Educational Psychology Association (KEPA).

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