Seminar on ‘female stereotypes and retelling myths’

A Seminar on ‘Female Stereotypes and Retelling Myths’ was held at IUB on Monday, October 22, 2018. The event was organized by the Department of Social Science and Humanities where Dr. Debalina Banerjee from Vidysagar Evening College, University of Calcutta, India presented the Keynote Paper.
Dr. Mahbub Alam, Dean, SLASS at IUB welcomed Dr. Banerjee to the University. Mr. Nazir Ahmed, Head, Department of Social Science and Humanities, IUB, inaugurated the session. Among others, Dr. Gauranga Chandra Mohanto, Additional Secretary, Dr. Razia Sultana Khan, Professor, Department of English and Modern Languages, IUB and other members of the faculty and students were present. Mr. Obydullah Al Marjuk, Senior Lecturer, Department of English and Modern Languages, IUB, moderated the Seminar.
Dr. Debalina Banerjee spoke on the topic titled, ‘Demythologizing Sita: of Subversion, Choices and Representation’. She discussed about Sita and her journey through Ramayan where she overcame all barriers despite her husband’s non-cooperation.
Dr. Gauranga Chandra Mohanto mentioned the representation of Indian myth gave influence to our critical thinking. Following the presentation, floor was open for question-answer session where teacher and students participated actively.

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