USAID Media and Youth Outreach Tour

USAID Media and Youth Outreach Tour

by Subaita Fairooz

Six students from the Department of Media and Communication took part in the USAID Media and Youth Outreach Tour in Jashore from July 24 to July 25, 2019. We were selected from the Development Communication and Journalism streams of the department. The first component of our tour revolved around aquaculture and the second part involved sustainable agriculture practices. We got to visit a hatchery in Jashore and also learn about the activities of a NGO called Banchte Shekha and how they are able to carry out efficient pond management practices. On the second day, we visited the ACI site where we met with farmers who were trained to carry out agricultural practices that improved productivity and the quality of their produce.

Along with visiting these sites, we had a session on gender issues, conducted by Mahmuda Rahman Khan, Gender Advisor, USAID. We also had the opportunity to have an open discussion with journalists, from various media outlets, about the world of media and journalism.

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